Enjoyable Bristol

SS Great Britain

Just as I finished my last post poor little Paige was taken into hospital with a bad chest infection which need intravenous antibiotics, she was allowed home after two days but then had to go … Continue reading

The School System

I was really upset this week when I read about the couple who had been fined a £1,000 for taking their children out of school on a holiday during term time. I know that they … Continue reading

Magic Kitchen Windowsill Plant

Last week a friend of mine popped in bearing gifts for the Christmas season, in her arms she two plant pots with strange looking spiky plants. My friend Carole said these are for you as … Continue reading

The Arahura (Sauvignon Blanc)

A lovely summer treat

I am still drinking wine, I promise, and can only say sorry for my lack of wine reviews. People who know me also know that the family have been going through a very hard time … Continue reading


Review: Novatel, Cardiff

This was our third trip to the Novotel in Cardiff and proved to be very interesting as the night before we stayed here we stayed in the Marriot Hotel also in Cardiff, both 4 star … Continue reading

Shower cradle

Tilt in Space Shower Cradle

I wanted to share my delight at long last we have managed to get a shower chair that allows Paige to have a degree of comfort during her shower. Her last shower chair was rigid plastic … Continue reading

Green Rice Mexican Green Rice (Arroz Verdi)

Beef Enchilladas Beef Enchiladas In A Red Chilli Sauce

brasato-al-barolo Brasato al Barolo ~ Braised Beef With Red Wine

Susie's Bacon Pasta Amatriciana Susie’s Bacon Pasta Amatriciana