Not so funny Facebook

I have used Facebook for several years now and basically really enjoyed the social media experience, keeping up with friends and family living many miles apart, watching children grow up and watching the rest of … Continue reading

The School System

I was really upset this week when I read about the couple who had been fined a £1,000 for taking their children out of school on a holiday during term time. I know that they … Continue reading

Magic Kitchen Windowsill Plant

Last week a friend of mine popped in bearing gifts for the Christmas season, in her arms she two plant pots with strange looking spiky plants. My friend Carole said these are for you as … Continue reading


Saturday afternoon my ex boss is dropping in for drinks and a quick chat, well what do you serve people who are used to the best, I could not have gone wrong with this classic … Continue reading

Dreaming of Mexico

Such a longtime since I have wrote in this travel section, I now have a lot of work ahead of me, I had to list the places I have been and decided which destination to share … Continue reading

Tilt in Space Shower Cradle

I wanted to share my delight at long last we have managed to get a shower chair that allows Paige to have a degree of comfort during her shower. Her last shower chair was rigid plastic … Continue reading

Italian Sausage, fennal, and green lentils Italian Sausage, Fennal & Green Lentils

Welsh rack of lamb Welsh Rack of Lamb

Susie’s Bacon Pasta Amatriciana

Summer Pasta