Bits & Bobs

Many times I have come across things I want to pass on, and I have not had the correct places to put it on my website because the the content did not fit in my day and everyday, my blog, my recipes etc. So this will be the best place for those things , they are bits and pieces, a dumping ground for all sorts, good places for a coffee, good parks, good walks, good pubs, good fish and chips, good shopping centres etc.

I hope to make this an interesting section, a bit like a car booty. Lots of cast offs that other people want.

The School System

I was really upset this week when I read about the couple who had been fined a £1,000 for taking their children out of school on a holiday during term time. I know that they … Continue reading

Magic Kitchen Windowsill Plant

Last week a friend of mine popped in bearing gifts for the Christmas season, in her arms she two plant pots with strange looking spiky plants. My friend Carole said these are for you as … Continue reading

The Pear Tree in Purton

Review: The Pear Tree, Conservatory Restaurant. Purton

I have got to share this gem of a country hotel with you all, The Pear Tree at Purton, which is about 15 minutes outside Swindon. We had been to the Designer Outlet for a shopping spree, … Continue reading

Liverpool Care Pathway

This is not truly a rant but it is something that has caused me to be concerned. Most of you know that I worked in care looking after mostly terminally ill people. I did a … Continue reading

Not On The Net

Driving into Salisbury this week I heard on our local radio station that yet another of our Salisbury shops was set to close, it is Nursery Rhyme’s which sell all baby things such as prams … Continue reading

Review: Puzzler World 2013

This has been a very different experience for me reviewing a product that you could say I was out of my comfort zone with, Puzzler World 2013 is a Nintendo DS game which is based … Continue reading

Review: Yorkshire Linen Double Duvet Set

This the first time I have reviewed bedding, it is quite an important item in our everyday lives and something I am very fussy about. I hate rough cotton bedding,  I hate nylon sheets and … Continue reading

Busy Bee Candles

Review: Busy Bee Candles

I am a regular tweeter on twitter and that is how I came across Busy Bee Candles, I saw lots of tweets from people stating how good they were. The other thing I really liked … Continue reading

Goverment against parents

Now the government are trying to ban children being taken out of school for holidays with there parents due to the high level of truancy. The first thing that strikes me is that the children … Continue reading

Hampton by Hilton

Sorry guys it has been ages since I updated this column, to be fair there has been so many deals around I have been waiting for something which I thought offered good value and I have found it. … Continue reading

Now Is The Time To Book Hotel Deals

My in box is flooded with deals around the UK from the big chain hotels, I have not seen a summer like this, normally weddings take up a lot of the big hotel business but … Continue reading

Britania Hotels & Travel Zoo

Ok folks I have been keeping my eyes open for you all, there simply loads of deals out there if you can go at the drop of a hat, but as most of us have … Continue reading