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I see this as my life’s diary, it is where I write about my good days and bad, the seasons of my life, what happens in the community and how current affairs are affecting us all.

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it is all about communication

Flying with British Airways

So many times I hear people say lots of negatives about BA which most of the time is fair comment, yet when I look around at the other airlines and the complaints against them they … Continue reading

Not so funny Facebook

I have used Facebook for several years now and basically really enjoyed the social media experience, keeping up with friends and family living many miles apart, watching children grow up and watching the rest of … Continue reading

Fast and Furious

That’s my life at the moment and somehow doubt if it will ever change, the other side of that is , do I want it to change ? Somedays I get very tired and long … Continue reading

A very different life.

I had thought I would close my site, too many commitments, too many hours at work, larger house needing more work! but then a couple of people told me how much they still enjoyed going … Continue reading

The move from countryside to town.

We moved into Salisbury in September last year 2015 , I believe I spent the next three-month mourning the loss of the countryside and yet in truth I have so many beautiful green areas around … Continue reading

New Beginings

So much has happened in twelve months it is very hard to know how to begin, the item with the strongest impact is the fact after 20 years we have left the farm and moved … Continue reading

Enjoyable Bristol

Just as I finished my last post poor little Paige was taken into hospital with a bad chest infection which need intravenous antibiotics, she was allowed home after two days but then had to go … Continue reading

A lot is happening !

Since my last posted so many things seemed to have happened not sure if this should be two posts. The weekend John had past his exam was also the weekend that Jo told me she … Continue reading

Positive Result

At last something more positive to write about, today I went with John up to Reading. I was traveling as moral support as he was taking an exam, he dropped me at the Oracle shopping … Continue reading

Do you want things to be perfect?

I have a major flaw within me that makes me quite nervous, that is the fact that I want everything to be perfect. By that I mean, I look forward to things such as trips … Continue reading

The apple of Paige's

A Wet Begining

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year, I felt a little sad on New Years Eve becuase my brother had been down to stay for a few days and it had been lovely. … Continue reading

I love bikes

Good Bye 2013

We are only a few hours away from the beginning of a New Year, I have already said Happy New Year to our dear friends in Hong Kong it is already 2014 over there, so … Continue reading