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I see this as my life’s diary, it is where I write about my good days and bad, the seasons of my life, what happens in the community and how current affairs are affecting us all.

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Paige in the pool

Paige’s treat

We have just returned from a special happy week, one that I had began to think would not happen again, most of you know Paige’s story and what a dreadful year she has had. Well … Continue reading

Have a laugh with me!

Just recently life seems to be a little more balanced and I started to go over my old photos, I thought how nice it would be to share my wild and wacky moments with you all. … Continue reading

Family Weekend

At last I had an almost normal weekend, which was very enjoyable. My brother and sister-in-law drove down from the North East to spend a long weekend with me, Paige adores her Uncle Dave so … Continue reading

A life full of changes

Life is always moving forward, changing in some way, sometimes we don’t even notice those small subtle changes, however the bigger changes can really hit home and leave you feeling a little empty or leaving … Continue reading

Summertime At The Farm

After our lovely weekend in Wales with Imogen we very quickly found ourselves facing the summer holidays 6 weeks of what shall we do. This year we knew it was going to be different due … Continue reading

Imy does Cardiff

Feels like I am spending quite a bit of time in Wales this year, but to be honest not half as much as I would like to. My second granddaughter Imogen turned 14 a few … Continue reading

Me and John in Portmerion

A Cabin In The Mountains

I have had a wonderful few days away with John, it was all very last minute but we managed to find ourselves a magical hideaway in the Welsh Mountains. John organized taking three days off, … Continue reading

Time is flying by

The stormy waters that have been my life for the past nine months now seem to be settling a little, to a gentle swell and I am still waiting for the mill pond effect to cut … Continue reading

One to make you smile

I have been very aware my posts of late have been very serious due to the sheer nature of what has been happening in my life, so today I found myself having a good giggle with … Continue reading

A Smile Is All I Need

Many of you who follow my blog know how the last four months have been , filled with torment, worry and despair, seeing my granddaughter suffering so much pain and her health deteriorating. There have been no … Continue reading

A Bad Experience

In my last post I told you about the fun Christmas we had, in this post I will tell you about the last 7 weeks which I can only describe as traumatic. January the 16th came around, … Continue reading

New Beginnings

I have not wrote or been able to write for weeks now, life has simply been too turbulent. I have found my mind gripped in a vice of worries unable to sit and but my … Continue reading