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I see this as my life’s diary, it is where I write about my good days and bad, the seasons of my life, what happens in the community and how current affairs are affecting us all.

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The Perfect Elf

This is my entry to the Center Parcs/ TOTS100 competion writting a poem which describes your own idea of what makes a perfect elf. Christmas is the most magical time of year, all over the … Continue reading

Christmas Past & Present

This time of year always make me think about my family, also family that are no longer with us, so I often feel filled with happiness and sadness. I believe this is true for so … Continue reading

Winter Wonderland at Longleat Center Parcs

Another wonderful holiday at Center Parcs this year during the Winter Wonderland, which for us was a new experience. We booked a mid week break Monday to Friday as we find them quieter and better … Continue reading

Center Parcs Challenge, Design a Water Ride

When I saw this challenge I thought how can you do that? Then when talking to the family ideas started to spring from everyone. As a family we have been using Center Parcs for 25 … Continue reading

Halloween at Jo's

Fun Halloween

Just a quick post to thank my daughter for giving us all a really lovely Halloween. I believe if I had 6 children I would not consider throwing parties at all, but Jo is always … Continue reading

The Grand Cafe Center Parcs

Review: 25 Years Of Center Parcs & Still Going Back

Last week a friend of mine asked why we keep going back to Center Parcs, we are about to go for another short break, it is something we do every November. Her comment was surely … Continue reading

Brave little girl

Hospitals & Halloween

It has been the strangest week, very calm and very ordered yet such an emotional roller-coaster, I am very pleased it is over. On Thursday we had to take Paige, my eldest grandaughter to Southampton Hospital … Continue reading

Sue & Page at Center Parcs

Congratulations Jo & Happy Birthday Designed-Solutions Ltd

Where has the last twelve months gone? I feel I have blinked and it’s gone, it feels like yesterday I was telling everyone that John was setting up his own company and this week we … Continue reading

Trying to be rational

The past couple of weeks have seen me want to run and hide, stick my head in the sand and pretend things are normal. I have spent nights laying awake looking at the ceiling, asking … Continue reading

Burglars & A Family Day, What A Weekend!

Life is very much a roller coaster at the moment, I keep longing for some sense of normality to arrive so my life would settle to almost boring. We have had a rough time with … Continue reading

Iphone’s, New cars, Valentine’s Day and Friends.

What a title! my husband has now given up with me and my mega titles, he looks after my website, he is the engine really. A long time since he told me not to have … Continue reading

VW Polo joining the family.

I have survived the horrors of the second hand car market, I should say only just survived. I have found this one of the most stressful, scary things I have ever had to do, part … Continue reading