My Rant

This is what it says it is, a page that I can rant at all the wrong doings, unethical, misunderstood happenings that occur today.

This section is open to anyone who would like to sound off about something, please feel free, pending approval.

The School System

I was really upset this week when I read about the couple who had been fined a £1,000 for taking their children out of school on a holiday during term time. I know that they … Continue reading

Liverpool Care Pathway

This is not truly a rant but it is something that has caused me to be concerned. Most of you know that I worked in care looking after mostly terminally ill people. I did a … Continue reading

Not On The Net

Driving into Salisbury this week I heard on our local radio station that yet another of our Salisbury shops was set to close, it is Nursery Rhyme’s which sell all baby things such as prams … Continue reading

Goverment against parents

Now the government are trying to ban children being taken out of school for holidays with there parents due to the high level of truancy. The first thing that strikes me is that the children … Continue reading

Why cannot things be easy and clear cut?

This week I have found myself really frustrated, people only telling you half a story and then not even trying to understand where you are coming from. This all about setting up a company but it … Continue reading

Nothing Wrong With Being A Sheep

I have this week read an article in the Times on Saturday which did not annoy me but maybe got under my skin a little, so I just felt Ishould share it with you all and also … Continue reading

Fight For Our Forests!

Well it seems which ever government gets into power they seem to find ways to astound me, but this one is really on a role! I believe it has a plan to bring back servitude, … Continue reading

We Must Fight For Herbal Remedies

A very good friend of mine brought this to my attention, she and I agree on a lot of things, along with the use of herbal remedies, we are supposed to be a free country, … Continue reading

Caution When Buying From Play.Com

I am afraid I have to get this off my chest Play.Com are driving me nuts with frustration, on September16th we received our new playstation3 which is John’s Christmas and birthday present, we ordered it … Continue reading

Is This Really Justice!

Reading the Telegraph on Saturday I came across a story that I had to read twice as I could not believe what I had just read. A lady applied for an Administrators job in the … Continue reading

What! Nurses Being Made Redundant !

I could not believe it when I heard about a grade six nurse being made redundant in Salisbury, only the week before I had been chatting to an old college of mine who also told … Continue reading


I read this week a survey which asked 2000 women what they would most like to change in 2010 the overall answer was saddening, there  response was that “men should become the main breadwinners again” … Continue reading