My Rant

This is what it says it is, a page that I can rant at all the wrong doings, unethical, misunderstood happenings that occur today.

This section is open to anyone who would like to sound off about something, please feel free, pending approval.

Sorry You Are Too Old!

This morning I was watching early morning TV, on it was a lady of 72yrs telling the world she wants to be a mother, maybe I am wrong but this really got to me, at 72 … Continue reading

Susie’s Got Her Rant Head On!!!!

Frustration at the articles I have read over the last two days has meant my friends you’re in for a double whammy!!! 1. Tax on the phone lines How dare they, we are taxed to … Continue reading

Afganistan For A Drivers Licence

Quite a sad story from a mother of a 20year old man she told me her son had signed up to the army because he felt it was the only way he would ever get … Continue reading

Who Next?

As the list of MPs resigning over their outrageous expenses claims seems to be growing longer every day, I am left wondering how we choose the next people. We are the people that put them … Continue reading

Politically Correct Or Politically Crackers

Reading the news over the last 3 days has led me to believe that we have lost our true sense of direction in this country, we are living in the most awful nanny state, were … Continue reading

Lack Of Understanding

During last week so many things got to me I thought I would be writing for weeks but then as the week rolled on I found that a day later there was another side to … Continue reading

Pot Holes In The Roads!

This is for one of my very good friends Carole, we had coffee together this morning, she mentioned the state of the roads, so this rant is sounding off for her. I have got to … Continue reading

Value’s & Budgets!

Reading yesterday’s paper an article caught my attention, it suggested we need to all come together to survive the current credit crisis as people did during and just after the war, it went on to … Continue reading

Ethical Times

Reading the papers this week I have moved between periods of disbelief and total dismay, I came across a professor who had been suspended from the university because he was inciting a violent march in … Continue reading

Where’s My Keys?

Where’s my keys was the words hurling around the kitchen 7 am on Friday morning, John could not find his keys for the car and was due to leave for work. Panic started to set … Continue reading


Yesterday I read in the Express an article that told me, the real problems ahead of us is not the current credit crisis, but the population explosion, it stated that within the next 20 years … Continue reading

Way Out

After reading the paper today I am amazed the suicide rate is not as high as the unemployment rate, it left me feeling totally depressed, for gods sake we know we are in recession, we … Continue reading