My Rant

This is what it says it is, a page that I can rant at all the wrong doings, unethical, misunderstood happenings that occur today.

This section is open to anyone who would like to sound off about something, please feel free, pending approval.

NHS what it stands for ??

I have decided after today that NHS is not nationl health service, but need help someday!!!, as you all know my granddaughter Paige has been in hospital for surgury, she was sent home yesterday Friday, … Continue reading

It Is just not fair.!!

I so wish I was back in Egypt where this was taken, Taba Heights to be exact, it was peaceful and stunningly beautiful, the sun was amazing, as in always out. In stead I am … Continue reading

My Husband

Today is Saturday, which is meant to be a day free from stress, that is unless you are married to someone who is studying at the OU. I believe we should all try and make … Continue reading