Pack Your Bags

I love to travel, at a moments notice I can have my passport in my hand and my case ready to go. Travel fills me with a sense of adventure, even when I am going back to places I have been several times before. I always check out trip advisor, before I book anything and that’s the best advice anyone can give. Get some reviews first making sure they are independent reviews. From my articles/blogs I hope to give you a flavour of the places I have been to, also my mind always fixed on getting a good deal, plus being aware of current rates can make a big difference.

Bahia Principe Costa Adeje Hotel

I never really felt like going to Tenerife loads of my friends had been all enjoyed it but all came back with stories about it could be cloudy due to the mountains and that some … Continue reading


Tunisia is an acquired taste, people tend to love it or hate it, and for me I loved it and would enjoy another trip back there Arriving in Tunisia is a bit of a culture … Continue reading

Doubletree Castle, Orlando

We stayed on International drive in Orlando, our first drive in the states along International Drive was quite scary, huge roads, traffic everywhere and we were looking for our hotel also it was getting dark, … Continue reading


I never imagined parts of Florida to be chic, but Sarasota is that, a bit like Henley on Thames but in the states? It has the inland water ways that make you realize how close … Continue reading

Center Parcs

A family favourite for over 25 years, I took my daughter there as a little girl and now we take her children there. We tend to go as a large group; we take a couple … Continue reading

Pentewan Sands

The first time I saw Pentewan Sands in Cornwall it was from the car window high up on the hill top leading to Mevagissy it could have been anywhere in the world that day, the … Continue reading


I found Jordan to be one of the most startling places I have ever been too, it ignited images in my mind I have not had since I was a child, and it has a … Continue reading