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Not so funny Facebook

I have used Facebook for several years now and basically really enjoyed the social media experience, keeping up with friends and family living many miles apart, watching children grow up and watching the rest of … Continue reading

The move from countryside to town.

We moved into Salisbury in September last year 2015 , I believe I spent the next three-month mourning the loss of the countryside and yet in truth I have so many beautiful green areas around … Continue reading

The apple of Paige's

A Wet Begining

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year, I felt a little sad on New Years Eve becuase my brother had been down to stay for a few days and it had been lovely. … Continue reading

I love bikes

Good Bye 2013

We are only a few hours away from the beginning of a New Year, I have already said Happy New Year to our dear friends in Hong Kong it is already 2014 over there, so … Continue reading

Have a laugh with me!

Just recently life seems to be a little more balanced and I started to go over my old photos, I thought how nice it would be to share my wild and wacky moments with you all. … Continue reading

Family Weekend

At last I had an almost normal weekend, which was very enjoyable. My brother and sister-in-law drove down from the North East to spend a long weekend with me, Paige adores her Uncle Dave so … Continue reading

Summertime At The Farm

After our lovely weekend in Wales with Imogen we very quickly found ourselves facing the summer holidays 6 weeks of what shall we do. This year we knew it was going to be different due … Continue reading

Time is flying by

The stormy waters that have been my life for the past nine months now seem to be settling a little, to a gentle swell and I am still waiting for the mill pond effect to cut … Continue reading

Christmas Past & Present

This time of year always make me think about my family, also family that are no longer with us, so I often feel filled with happiness and sadness. I believe this is true for so … Continue reading

Burglars & A Family Day, What A Weekend!

Life is very much a roller coaster at the moment, I keep longing for some sense of normality to arrive so my life would settle to almost boring. We have had a rough time with … Continue reading