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A very different life.

I had thought I would close my site, too many commitments, too many hours at work, larger house needing more work! but then a couple of people told me how much they still enjoyed going … Continue reading

The move from countryside to town.

We moved into Salisbury in September last year 2015 , I believe I spent the next three-month mourning the loss of the countryside and yet in truth I have so many beautiful green areas around … Continue reading

New Beginings

So much has happened in twelve months it is very hard to know how to begin, the item with the strongest impact is the fact after 20 years we have left the farm and moved … Continue reading

The apple of Paige's

A Wet Begining

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year, I felt a little sad on New Years Eve becuase my brother had been down to stay for a few days and it had been lovely. … Continue reading

A Smile Is All I Need

Many of you who follow my blog know how the last four months have been , filled with torment, worry and despair, seeing my granddaughter suffering so much pain and her health deteriorating. There have been no … Continue reading