Center Parcs, Is This Really For Us?


I received an e-mail last week from one of my readers, she stated that she loved a piece I had done on Center Parcs but felt I had not gone into enough detail for her to consider taking her disabled son, she said that often she has read disabled friendly then got their to find that might mean they have a disabled loo and access, so I am going to try and give a clear picture of our experience also we are back their in 3 weeks time so I may well update again.

The villa we stayed in was a two storey at Longleat which was an adapted villa, it had wider doors, wonderful ramps up to door ways, the bedroom and ensuite for the disabled person was fantastic, it had over head hoist, monkey pole, drop sides on bed, light switches at the correct level, grip rails all over the place, tv placed in a good position for bed, the bathroom was a wet room, with shower chair plus height adjustable sink, toilet with grip rail all around, it was all beautifully decorated, lounge had loads of space for turning chairs, it was all very carefully thought out.

The village we found very easy most doors are sliding, ramps to all entrances, wide level cared for footpaths, staff very helpful and quite willing to move chairs so that a wheel chair can get around a table, inside the swimming dome their are a couple of very good changing cabins for the disabled but they have one large one which has a bed and a hoist which is the one we used going into the swimming dome the staff are more than willing to help opening doors and moving chairs, a word of warning it is best to go when it is quite as the more people their are the harder it is to get a chair around. The latest thing is a new bike that has a wheelchair attached to the front which means for the first time a wheelchair user can join the family on a bike ride now that what I call equality.

I highly recommend it, and I shall be update all the new things that keep happening their, but i hope this helps people who are unsure if it is the right place to go.

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