Changing Places


My first piece for this page is more about awareness and how we can all become involved to help  improve the quality of live for people with different needs, I am supporting the group Changing Places and their site

I have read some of the stories on this site and it brought to the point of tears, young people as well as older people who cannot go out because of the basic need to be able to use a toilet or I should say the special equipment that some people need just to be able to use a toilet is not widely available out in the community.

Most of us take this function totally for granted, but I have worked with people just recovery from strokes, car accidents or infections that have suddenly found themselves incontinent, their reaction is to stop going out as they loose confidence and get embarrassed, yet most of these people are told that it is only temporary, also they are lucky they can use a normal toilet, but for many others it can be a life time of incontinence or needing to be changed by a carer as they physically cannot do it. Toilets to them are a major issue, we now have a growing population of disabled people, and any one of us could become disabled tomorrow, we need to make provision for their needs as well as our own. Changing places is doing a wonderful job and needs all the support it can get.

I have signed up to the petition for more toilets that this site is running and hopefully the future will be a little easier for some.

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