Best Facilities At Center Parcs


I think everyone knows by now that I am a real fan of this company but this year they out did themselves, we took Paige to the swimming pool for her first swim of her holidays, we met the lady on duty in the changing rooms who instantly guided us to the special needs cabin, inside was a full sized height adjustable bed and a hoist, also a swim chair which they said they were happy for Paige to use while she was in the pool area. We then went into the pool area and made our way to Paige’s favorite pool which is a little warmer than the main pool as we got there the girl lifeguard came over and asked if Paige would like to use the training pool, she would close off the slow lane for Paige to use and she would raise the pool floor so we could drive her chair onto it and then lower the floor so she could just float out, it was amazing, it made such a difference, it was dignified and a gentle way to enter the water.

This was not just a one off, we had lifeguards come and offer to push her around to where we sat, they gave her a woggle flote to use for the week, nothing was to much trouble for them, they made us feel that they wanted her to have a good holiday, how special is that.

It did not stop at the swimming area, in the bike hiring shop again they could not do enough to help, every member of staff that we came in contact with was caring and compassionate, I really believe other holiday companies could learn a lot from this companies policies on disabilities, we did not spoil things for anyone else, we just blended in without any fuss because the company was prepared to train their staff and have the correct equipment on hand, thank you Center Parcs.

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