Family Parks Should Not Be This Unethical


Having just got back from Cornwall, I felt the need to let off steam about the ethics behind the Haven family holiday Parks. The brochure I feel does not give you a true and accurate picture of what to expect when you get to your park.

I had no idea that the bouncy castle they advertise would cost £2 per child for ten minutes, scary as by the end of the week I could probably own my own bouncy castle, the same pricing was put on the trampolines, yet I I know you can buy a large one for just over £200, so how much profit do these companies need to make.?

We had to say to the children that we could not afford the trampolines or castle, luckily they understand about not having a lot of money and knew that they would still have a wonderful time. The other upsetting thing this company did was to make sure that to get to the swimming pool you had to take your children through the amusement arcades, I see this as just another ploy to take money from people. I fully understand that business must make money. Good business today should be ethical and make people feel valued and respected, these are the companies that retain loyalty of customers, no I will not be using Haven again but we still had a great holiday.

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