Happy Birthday John the big 50.


John took a week of work and we went to Center Parcs Longleat to celebrate his birthday, I had booked us the Penthouse Apartment which we had when he was forty so we knew what we were going too.

The big surprise for John was when his Mum who lives over 300 miles away not on the apartment door and John answered it, he just could not believe that his Mum and stepfather were stood there. A memorable moment indeed. Unfortunately later that night after a lovely meal we went for a walk and his Mum slipped and broke her arm quite badly, so we spent our first night in Salisbury hospital, and it meant for his Mum a very quite week being pushed around in a wheel chair.

We did managed to still make the best of everything, even thoug several other events took place that week which lead us to believe the cosmic forces around us were having some fun testing our nerves.

Thank you to all the people who took time to send John birthday wishes it did mean a lot to him, but now it is back to normal which mean back to work. I shall this week be putting up a review of the Longleat center parcs, from the disabled point of view as well as the able body side of things.

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