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I had thought I would close my site, too many commitments, too many hours at work, larger house needing more work! but then a couple of people told me how much they still enjoyed going to it for recipes and odd bits of information, that was all it took, I am back and now making time for myself and my site.

Fundamental changes have taken place not only in my working life but in personal life to, things have taken a lot of getting used to but generally speaking most are positive. I now work 42 hours a week as Paige’s main carer which is now funded by the NHS and I am also training a lovely young lady up as my second so I can have weekends of and also covered leave, later in the year we may well be taking a third part time carer on which will then make our care team complete. It also means that I am also running the small team which is a different level of responsibility, making sure your patients needs are met along with keeping your team trained and happy in there roll, busy days indeed.

The transition for Paige from pediatric care to adult care has been long and drawn out and still on going, it is an issue which I will tackle in my special needs pages as it is really complex and a minefield to travel through, although along the way we have met and are working with some really good people, most problems lie with lack of communication between teams and departments. coming from the background I had working in adult care it has helped such a lot and I really feel for people who go through this without any help or experience. Our funding took 9 months to come through and although it has changed things in a very positive way it was a nightmare waiting for it to happen, but it is up and running and giving us a lot of control to make sure Paige’s wishes are carried out.

We have now had our second Christmas in the house and I still desperately miss the countryside, John on the other hand loves living here and never been so happy, am I unhappy ? no is the answer, I do love being so close to the family and I love Salisbury , the one city I do not mind living in. What I miss is watching the seasons change across the fields, the lack of noise other than bird song and sheep the ability to walk out my door head over the fields and see no one! I loved it and always shall, but for now I am happy with our comfortable town home. I do go back to the farm and I am made so welcome always homemade cakes and a pot of coffee on and we sit and chat and laugh for at least two hours at a time, I am planning a couple of day visits during the summer where I will walk the fields again and sit by the river.

My daughter and her beautiful family are also super busy, one getting ready to go of to University this year and Owen is looking towards a collage that helps young people with Autism, Kyle doing very well at his school and the two little people are growing up fast and enjoying life. Mummy and Dad are taking them all of to France at the end of May so they are all looking forward to that.

John and I have a few things planned this year but the most exciting one with be our Italian adventure, we are flying to Naples spending a night there then picking up the hire car and driving 350 miles south to the tip of Italy, Puglia! We have booked some amazing accommodation and cannot wait to share it with you which I will when we have been. I have lots of work to update the places we have been and the fun we have had , so in many ways I have a lot to write about.

Recipes yes I have a couple I will be pushing up, just give me a little time, it is great to be back, thanks for those who have pushed me.x


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  1. Love readig of your advetures, and life caring for Paige and all the family, Keep up the hard work, and enjoy your breaks.x

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