Molift mobile hoist
Molift mobile hoist

Molift mobile hoist


We have just taken delivery of a very useful piece of equipment which I thought I would share with you all, just incase others are in our situation. I have my granddaughter stay 3 weekends out of 4, sometimes it maybe one night or two, as she has got bigger it has become more difficult to manage her, she is quad CP. After discussions with her OT’s it was decided that a hoist here was the way to go, I told them I live in a tiny cottage and needed a folding hoist, having worked for the NHS I knew what is out there in equipment terms that is.

So after a few weeks of waiting our hoist has arrived, it is a great little hoist, it is quite, easy to move and folds up small enough to in our cupboard under the stairs, we will also take this away with us when we take Paige to Wales for a few days. This hoist means for us that Paige will be able to keep staying with me for hopefully many years to come.

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