My daughter Joanne has been telling me for a while how good this website is, so this week Itook a look at it, I have put it here in different needs but it has something for everyone not just mums, it helps grannies, fathers, single parents lost in the world of politically correct child care.

I have been very impressed by the forums they have and this is something my daughter is now active on helping other parents with special children, learning that life means an ever open door to therapists and social workers who then try and turn your home into a clinic, regardless of the size of the shoe box you live in.

I have been told that therapists also go on the site and I think that is a good idea as they can pick up on some common issues that people may not like to address with them, such as please remember this is our family home.

Most of all I love the thought that people are coming together to share all the fun and scary moments of raising children, it helps to know you are not alone and you will not be judged because you are unsure what is the correct course of action, so take a look and post some tips if you have any to share.

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