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I was really upset this week when I read about the couple who had been fined a £1,000 for taking their children out of school on a holiday during term time. I know that they did have the option to pay the initial fine, which was £360 but they chose to fight it.

I believe everyone should object to this basic right being taken from parents, but I also understand that most people cannot afford to stand up to system. I feel that this is unfair for when you are home educating you can take your child on holiday any time of the year, as long as your child fulfils the required twenty-five hours a week of education.

Does this fine then not show that state educated children are being discriminated against those in home education?

Then look at private education, they do not have all the silly half terms, they often then break up two weeks before state schools as they have fulfilled the required hours.  This enables the  more wealthy parents to jet off on holiday and not pay the premium travel rates set by holiday companies.

Today we are expected to be flexible in everything we do, yet I do not feel state schools are flexible at all.

Schools know who the children are  that have bad attendance records why punish everyone?

Why cant we run schools like a business, where by parents book their children’s leave; teachers book their leave and stop all these stupid training days that seem to always land in the middle of the week?

Our schools are currently run on a system that no longer fits the need. We should try introducing  a flexible  schedule. In hard times it is wrong to stop parents trying to keep family life together.

David Cameron did say his government was all about keeping families together, what nicer way to keep families together than having a holiday, but maybe that’s only for those who can afford it.

Head Teachers wake up!!

Parents are starting to simply hate what you stand for. Families need compassion and understanding from state schools in return I feel that they would receive the parents support.

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