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I have been very aware my posts of late have been very serious due to the sheer nature of what has been happening in my life, so today I found myself having a good giggle with my daughter, she said you should write this, so I decided I would.

My daughters home is always very busy, she has six children,a dog and a husband as well as an allotment, we often find ourselves amid the chaos having a giggle about some silly thing that has gone on, today I was the object of fun.

My daughter believes I have a unique diet and lifestyle she wants me to share with you, my breakfast this morning as I was staying at her house was Coffee and cake, I did share this with my daughter. I had only half an hour before that spent several minutes lecturing my granddaughter Imogen on the value of a good healthy breakfast. Lunch today was a, Oh lets skip that and have a bit of cake with shed loads of coffee, yet again I always tell the children the importance of having a balanced lunch box and as my daughter commented dinner last night was a plate of pasta covered in green slime { Pesto} I think she means, along with several delicious glasses of wine.

I do in all honesty believe I must have been a preacher in another life, it just comes so naturally. My nursing background insists I pass my knowledge on to others, about diet and protecting your liver , and your heart, but pass it on is correct because I am dreadful. I do love my diet, I love cake, especially at breakfast time with pots of really good coffee to keep me wired all day and stopping for lunch often seems a waste of time as I always have to start  work afterwards, but dinner is important. I always preach chicken or fish is perfect, as I sit down to a huge blood red steak and my first glass of wine just relaxes me enough to enjoy the next glass, it just makes perfect sense to me.

I am not over weight because the stress in my life keeps me running around like a headless chicken, my wine intake helps combat the stress, I sleep very well despite having many mugs of rich coffee and I put that down to working hard during the day, my diet gives me pleasure and my lifestyle means I am never bored but please follow what I preach not what I eat. xxx

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