Tilt in Space Shower Cradle


I wanted to share my delight at long last we have managed to get a shower chair that allows Paige to have a degree of comfort during her shower. Her last shower chair was rigid plastic  and although it had a foam liner it proved to become very uncomfortable as she has got older and her body’s needs have changed.

I knew in my own mind what would suit Paige but we had to convince our  O/T, who is very good and listens to us. So after receiving several options we then at last got the correct chair for her, for now. The cradle is made of a mesh type of material which is warm to touch and gives slightly to her body shape, the frame of the chair is light and yet very supportive, with the big plus of being able to tilt it for her which she needs.

Paige now is able to enjoy her shower, so people out there never settle for things which are not right, keep going back and looking for options.

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