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The stormy waters that have been my life for the past nine months now seem to be settling a little, to a gentle swell and I am still waiting for the mill pond effect to cut in. The past month has seen yet more panics in Paige’s health, I got to the point again were I was asking myself what is going on. I sat and looked at all the charts we keep, trying to form patterns to the events that were taking place. I began to feel it had to be down to the medication itself now causing problems so with that in mind I rang the acute pain team who are fantastic, they agreed, we had the dose of her pain patch reduced and then set about trying to alter her diet slightly and fingers crossed at the moment we do seem to be having more positive times. We have had Paige to the toy shop which cost me a small fortune and out each day in her chair for short trips to see the ducks, this has started to give her confidence, letting her understand maybe we can control the pain. We are still doing battle with a bed sore but as she gets stronger I am sure her skin will improve and we will win.
The other things going on in my life is that my grandson Owen who is on the Autistic spectrum is now getting ready to move to a new school, he has had the best of schools at Sarum St Pauls they have given him every opportunity, and my daughter has had a challenging fight on her hands to make sure she got him into the school she felt was right for him, happily she has. 

We have had a brief visit from my niece and her husband and there new baby, wonderful to spend time with them, I fail as an Aunt, I am afraid never around as much as I should be, but at least I believe she knows if ever she really needs me I will be there for her.

Must not forget to mention a little star in our family that is Kyle our footballer grandson, he has done it again and come away with a wonderful trophy at the end of the season, his Mum got to hear a wonderful speech about how he is the youngest smallest player (goalie) yet he puts everything into his football and plays in all conditions and never moans, yes you guessed right I am soooo proud of him.

John and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary on the 12th, we actually went away early as we did not think we would get the time off for the actual date, but we have and we will be spending a few days together, hopefully doing something nice, I truthfully cannot belive 20 years have gone, I find it very scary.  At the end of June we are going back to Cardiff as we are taking Imogen for her Fourteenth birthday. We will be doing the Doctor Who exerbition which should be fun and eating at a few nice places, my hope is now that we move forward and Paige becomes stable and returns to a better way of life. Lets hope all my posts will now be happier ones and thank you all for the wondereful kind wishes that have been sent to

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