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Before you ask no I have not won the lottery, on special occasions I like to have a really special wine and sometimes you have got to pay that bit extra, this one is well worth the extra.

Erica is a South African wine named after the flower Erica hippuris which grows on the side of the Paardeberg Mountain, this is the only place this flower grows. The Erica hippuris is a vibrant red flower, and like the flower the wine is vibrant and red, yet it has hidden depths. It oozes raspberry and plum, then hits you again with the sting of black pepper, it plays with your taste buds, and at 14.5% it also plays with your brains so do try and keep it to a couple of glasses or your head could be as light as your wallet, happy drinking.

This wine is shipped by Armajaro Vinniers of Charles Strret, London, it sells at about £9 – £12 a bottle and it is a Shiraz.

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