18 Till I Die


I read an article today which I could totally relate to no matter how much I did not want to relate to it, the title was “The body changes without permission” it went on to describe how this lady is adjusting to the fact that she is ageing and no matter how much botox and surgery she has the hand of nature is taking hold. She went on to say how it seems it creeps up on you then you look in the mirror and suddenly your arms have developed batwings despite working out at the gym.

It seems to me that when we are young we starve ourselves to look like stick insects, put ourselves through endless hours of torture at the gym just so we can convince ourselves that we look something like the models in the magazines, then as we get older the cycle turns again, we have to keep putting ourselves through the torture just to keep some muscle on our body’s and to stop our bones falling apart, those of us who are thin then look unhealthy and others are fighting to not be overweight, this aging thing is not easy, so I am going along with Bryan Adams I will be 18 till I die, I don’t much care what people think as long as I hurt no one with my fashion sense, which sometimes could damage the eyes, I will fight against the fact that some days I feel a hundred, I will continue to have my music blasting around the house when I do the house work, { no not cause I am deaf} I am not going to worry about the bat wings that are more like capes, instead I will just keep smiling and enjoying myself, oh and also lying about my age.!!!

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