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I see this as my life’s diary, it is where I write about my good days and bad, the seasons of my life, what happens in the community and how current affairs are affecting us all.

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Lemon and thyme Chicken Keto supper

This is a really tasty, cheap dish, both my husband and myself really loved it, I am not on Keto! At the weekend I try and find a Keto dish that is part of my … Continue reading

Keto Yorkshire Puddings

Well it has been such a busy week, the husband is doing well on his Keto diet, we are learning as we go! I have found several Keto groups and have joined a couple , … Continue reading

Eggs & Keto

I have to say this time I have gone over the top! Not deliberately, simply messed my shopping. Went shopping straight from night shift picked up what I thought we needed and had totally forgot … Continue reading

A Weekend Of Reflection

Hearing about Prince Philip made me sad, I felt so sad for the Queen, all those years together working as a team as well as being married to each other. Looking at photographs of them … Continue reading

Tasty Keto Stroganoff

I have tonight tried my first recipe from the new book I bought Keto Kitchen, it is well written, clear and takes you through he stages of the recipe which ensures a successful dish. Keto … Continue reading

Biona Organic Juice & Apple Cider Vinegar

Just a very quick post tonight as a lot going on for me at the moment .I wanted to share my husbands latest drink and the fact I managed to find the correct juices for … Continue reading

Weekend Treat

I decided to try and make a treat each weekend that fit within my husbands Keto diet. We talked this over and believe for him it is better to keep it to a weekend as … Continue reading

Meet Nellie

There has been so much worry about mental health with people and teenagers during lockdown, I thought it would be good to share how as a family with teenagers we got through it. My granddaughter … Continue reading

Two Castles & A Cottage

So excited! I am planning out September tip to Scotland, Wester Ross to be accurate, I have just received our confirmations back, so I now feel I can start planning the fine detail. With going … Continue reading

Keto Quick Lunch

Keto Quick Lunch

I got in from a 12 hour night shift and my husband was hungry! Normally he would have cooked something. Being on the diet he is unsure what he can have, my fault as I … Continue reading

A Scottish Treat Today

Firstly I am not on the Keto diet with my husband John, I am however supporting him and planning his meals and cooking for him. I thought I would quickly share the meal we had … Continue reading

Purple day on Keto

Today my husband John reached ketosis, I could tell without him doing the test. He was so happy when he did a urine test and he got his purple result on the test stick, I … Continue reading