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Getting my head round Keto

As some of you know , I have been helping John to try and loose weight before we come out of lockdown. During lockdown he has been working from home in his little office and … Continue reading

Chicken Enchiladas

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas (Enchiladas Suizas)

I love Mexican food, I always thought that it had to be very hot fiery food but as I discovered more about their food I found that although they use a lot of chillies it … Continue reading

Review: Novatel, Cardiff

This was our third trip to the Novotel in Cardiff and proved to be very interesting as the night before we stayed here we stayed in the Marriot Hotel also in Cardiff, both 4 star … Continue reading

Burglars & A Family Day, What A Weekend!

Life is very much a roller coaster at the moment, I keep longing for some sense of normality to arrive so my life would settle to almost boring. We have had a rough time with … Continue reading