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Lemon and thyme Chicken Keto supper

This is a really tasty, cheap dish, both my husband and myself really loved it, I am not on Keto! At the weekend I try and find a Keto dish that is part of my … Continue reading

A new video on YouTube for my creamy chicken enchiladas

Recently my website has undergone a revamp. I began to things that it was time to look at refreshing recipes and adding some new. Sadly, I am so busy working that I don’t often achieve the things … Continue reading

Chicken Enchiladas

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas (Enchiladas Suizas)

I love Mexican food, I always thought that it had to be very hot fiery food but as I discovered more about their food I found that although they use a lot of chillies it … Continue reading

Chicken & Tarragon With Sun Dried Tomatoes

Chicken & Tarragon With Sun Dried Tomatoes

A truly lovely summer recipe, the sun dried tomatoes and the tarragon mixed with the lemons makes you think of summer evenings in the med. This is a dish that can sit around for a … Continue reading