Lemon and thyme Chicken Keto supper


This is a really tasty, cheap dish, both my husband and myself really loved it, I am not on Keto! At the weekend I try and find a Keto dish that is part of my husbands diet that I fancy eating too, so that we can share a meal together and I am not having to cook 2 different meals.

What I really loved about this dish is it was so cheap to make and yet tasted so special, chicken thighs not something I use a lot! Lemons I adore so I had to try this. I think the most time consuming part was reducing the left over stock down to make an amazing sticky glaze that went over the chicken. I made celeriac dauphinois which are also delicious and in the same book, this simply did not feel like diet food to me.

The sauce which is part of this dish is intense in the very best way , sticky rich , herby and yet gently sweet flavour of lemons cutting through.

I hope you give it ago and enjoy it as much as we did.

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