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I see this as my life’s diary, it is where I write about my good days and bad, the seasons of my life, what happens in the community and how current affairs are affecting us all.

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Keeping active over Easter

We are planning in June to go to North Wales, we have a beautiful cottage booked very secluded in a wonderful walking area, so very important John wears his new boots, we are also going … Continue reading

Getting my head round Keto

As some of you know , I have been helping John to try and loose weight before we come out of lockdown. During lockdown he has been working from home in his little office and … Continue reading

Tennis Coach in Mexico

Stress Busting Tennis

One of favourite things is to get out on the tennis court , I have a weekly lesson with my coach Carolyn, I am not a brilliant tennis player ! But I get so many … Continue reading

A Different Type of Toolkit!

A week ago I got called to have my COVID-19 jab and I was delighted . I have not been worried about the jabs , as I know that they have been very well tested, … Continue reading

Celeriac mash

Useful and Healthy

During this lockdown, we have had to come to terms with giving up so many of the things we love doing, and found ourselves vegetating. We know many others in the same position,although both of … Continue reading

Lockdown Fun Investment

Topiom Water Rower The third lockdown! This time round it hit me harder , first couple of days I felt really down and yet everyone knew we needed to act to stop the rapid spread … Continue reading

Indian takeaway with bubbles

Lockdown Needs A Few Bubbles

The other day we celebrated our wedding anniversary, usually we would have been off on an adventure somewhere for a few days. We decided that we must still celebrate! Normally it would have been a wonderful … Continue reading

A new video on YouTube for my creamy chicken enchiladas

Recently my website has undergone a revamp. I began to things that it was time to look at refreshing recipes and adding some new. Sadly, I am so busy working that I don’t often achieve the things … Continue reading

Pork Belly with Yorkshire Pudding

Cooking up something on YouTube

Hi everyone Just a little update. I have started putting together a few YouTube Videos of some of my basic recipes. I have a talented granddaughter Imy who is about to graduate from Bath Spar … Continue reading

The swimming pool at Don Totu

Paradise Found at Don Totu

Puglia, sun kissed wild, uncommercial, land of olive trees, beautiful wine and friendly gentle people. We had such a special stay in this beautiful part of southern Italy and we would love to do it … Continue reading

Flying with British Airways

So many times I hear people say lots of negatives about BA which most of the time is fair comment, yet when I look around at the other airlines and the complaints against them they … Continue reading

Not so funny Facebook

I have used Facebook for several years now and basically really enjoyed the social media experience, keeping up with friends and family living many miles apart, watching children grow up and watching the rest of … Continue reading