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One of favourite things is to get out on the tennis court , I have a weekly lesson with my coach Carolyn, I am not a brilliant tennis player ! But I get so many benefits from that hour,when I leave I always feel relaxed and happy, also usually exhausted.

Meet Carolyn Barry, club coach and lovely person. 

When we lived on the farm, I often had a knock about with the children on there court but that was all it was, when we came to live in our small city we live close to a lovely small tennis club. I took the plunge and joined the club and signed up for lessons, which were great fun and now I have one to one coaching which is making me a better player.

I have a stressful job! So when I am on the court the only thing I can concentrate on is that ball! As the game speeds up I feel all my stress just leaving with every swing of the racket . We play in all weather conditions unless it is really icy, people often say , oh the weather is not good why are you playing. Truthfully once you get going you often just see it as another challenge, you very quickly warm up and if it is wet that just keeps you cool! 

My pluses are, it is such a good way to unwind, it is great seeing others at the club, there are often social events, although COVID has altered that at the moment. It is good to be outside in the fresh air and it is great exercise, also I am a little competitive so it ticks that box as well. My coach and I get on so well we also enjoy a good chat about everything, so it is for me a kind of all round therapy!

I have really struggled during lockdown not having my tennis, I am super excited as I am booked to be back on court on the 31st March 10.00am. I also love seeing families playing, my grandson now plays and is really doing well, I now find him very good to have some extra practice with. I am hoping he gets to Wimbledon ! Poor boy, no pressure. 😂 

My club is Riverside Tennis Club, Salisbury, if you are local and want a friendly club do come and try it out, very friendly and also caters for young and old alike.

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