A Scottish Treat Today

Firstly I am not on the Keto diet with my husband John, I am however supporting him and planning his meals and cooking for him. I thought I would quickly share the meal we had this evening with you, to let you see as a couple how we still eat together and I simply adapt our meals. It was a simple supper tonight, Roast Chicken, broccoli tossed in butter, courgettes,garlic,mushrooms in a cream sauce, my meal had the add on veg of carrots and parsnips which John could not have on his diet ..

We popped into Waitrose today , fresh vegetables were needed, while in there I went to checkout the wines, one of my passions is good bottle of wine . Instead though I-spotted a fine whisky, Bowmore 12 year old single malt from the island of Islay , Scottish Isles, we both share a love of malt whiskeys, I decided this would make a treat for us both. Tonight we had a small dram and toasted Scotland we will be heading back there in September and really looking forward to that .

Another bonus is John can still be on his diet and have the odd wee dram without any real harm to his diet . I must stress this is a treat as John for the time being has given up his wine and booze, he does not want to blow his diet. The whisky has no carbs in it and as we drink it with just a splash of water it does not effect his diet in a big way , if he was drinking every night then it could well slow everything down as alcohol does effect how your body runs, so although he enjoyed his treat tonight he won’t be having another for a little while . 

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