Lockdown Fun Investment


The third lockdown! This time round it hit me harder , first couple of days I felt really down and yet everyone knew we needed to act to stop the rapid spread of COVID. I think I was annoyed because we had done everything by the rule book, we stayed in our own bubble and saw only the people in our bubble, I know so many who did not, it felt like punishment; I know that is stupid really.

When our machine arrived we were both so excited , John quickly got it put together and I can report we both absolutely love this rower. When you start rowing the only sound you get is that of the water moving around the paddles, I shut my eyes and tell myself I am rowing across a Scottish Loch, I even had my bagpipe music playing in the background . I have not found anything that I don’t love about it , when you want to put it away it stands up on its end against a wall so needs very little space, does not need any electric to plug it in! So it ticks all the boxes for us, both John and I love it and we do see this as our investment in ourselves over this hard period in our lives. I have felt more positive since we have had the rower, it is helping my body and my mind. Stay safe everyone and do invest in yourselves xx

I love tennis and before this lockdown I had just got used to being at the club again and enjoying seeing my coach for my lesson, when suddenly it was gone again, on a positive note my club just got awarded Wiltshire Club of the year 2020 way to go Riverside Tennis Club, Salisbury. I was very worried about my fitness level hitting the bottom again, I am not a runner or jogger. My husband was in a similar position he loves to go to the gym, well that’s not happening either! We both knew we had to do something to keep us fit and something we would both enjoy. John mentioned a rowing machine, I had not even thought about one! I began reading about them and found out how good they are, also really gentle on your joints and low impact, the search began, after reading hundreds of reviews and articles we decided that a water rower sounded the right type for us, we were nervous when we ordered this, it was double what we intended to spend!

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