Lockdown Needs A Few Bubbles

The other day we celebrated our wedding anniversary, usually we would have been off on an adventure somewhere for a few days. We decided that we must still celebrate! Normally it would have been a wonderful meal with wines at a very nice restaurant, so it has been different this year. 

Not wanting to cook our choices were limited to takeaways and we chose what is regarded as the best Indian restaurant or order takeaways from in Salisbury, Anokaa, as it has always had great reviews. 

We also decided that it had to be champagne, as the last twelve weeks have been hard for us both. We have been busier than ever, still working and we needed something to make our meal a little bit more special, we needed bubbles. 

Many years ago, my late sister was a top wine rep in the north of England. She worked for Seagrams and she introduced me to Mumms champagne after she had been on a works trip to Reims in France. Carolyn introduced me to many new wines and different champagnes, yet I found that Mumms has never let me down. 

For our wedding anniversary we had Courdon Rouge Brut Champagne, Mumms signature grape variety, pinot noir. This champagne is described as bold and intense, I agree. It is bold and it is intense with lots of ripe fruit flavours, yet it is easy drinking too. It still fresh and it not just another glass of bubbles; it feels special. It is not an expensive champagne; it is what I consider to be a treat that will help to lift your spirits. 

It costs around £28 which I feel is good value for the quality that you get. I always try to buy it when it on offer otherwise you could pay £35. Today there are so many champagnes around, you could pick up a drinkable fizz for £18, they are pleasant and quite light. I have never had an intense, bold champagne without going over £30. My husband finds a lot of the cheaper champagnes too dry, or is it maybe a lack of the bold fruity flavours? 

We had no complaints with our bottle of Mumms, it went down a treat. I have found from my time with my sister and our tasting evenings which were such fun, that champagne is not just champagne. Each one is so different, there are so many different characteristics. Today most people can afford a treat once and a while so try different ones. Each time experiment, we find that we can drink champagne with anything, breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea. Have a glass in the garden on a sunny afternoon and let the bubbles do their magic. 

I do have others that are special for me, there is a Pol Roger sat in the wine rack waiting for the right occasion. Veuve Clicquot (I love) it is a romantic champagne, there is good old MoetTaittinger is a fun drink, Bollinger (the husband’s favourite) Billecart-Salmon is a must for a seafood party. I you win the lottery then there is Kurg

Have a fun time, try something different, pretend we are not in lockdown and feel indulgent. 

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