Purple day on Keto


Today my husband John reached ketosis, I could tell without him doing the test. He was so happy when he did a urine test and he got his purple result on the test stick, I noticed yesterday I could smell a strange metal type smell on his breath, it feels for both of us a small set in the right direction, simply knowing the meals I have been planning and making have been achieving the desired effect.

I said in an earlier post I have not been finding this easy , I still believe you need support with this diet, although I am becoming more inventive in my meal planning for him . Tonight’s supper which is pictured here is also part of tomorrow,s meal plan for him, I made larger portions and split them so I would not have to cook so much the next day . Supper tonight was an Aberdeen Angus steak , pan fried in coconut oil and then finished with a butter baste , on the side was stir fried Savoy cabbage and chopped walnuts, and also my version of a ratatouille. Tomorrow the left over cabbage is going into an omelette with ham and cheddar cheese for lunch and then for supper the leftover Ratatouille is going on top of a cod fillet to be baked in the oven and served with grilled courgettes. The ratatouille is great for using up tomatoes and egg plant which is often left sat in the fridge, also goes beautifully with good grilled pork sausages.

should also say John spends most of his day sat at his desk in front of computer screens in his small office in our home, that is since COVID hit the work routine . When he was traveling into his office he still spent most of the day not moving a lot ! Which makes me mention the need for some form of exercise, John has always been a gym person but as his lifestyle style changed so did his free time , when lockdown came a second time I knew we needed to act , that was the point we bought the water rower. This has become the exercise machine for both of us and we both enjoy using it, our bodies need to exercise, we need to keep our muscles strong , we need to stay flexible and we need to stimulate our organs to work properly , this affects our digestive systems, our mental well being and our sleep patterns. When I use it I have my favourite music on and really enjoy my 30/40 minutes rowing , John puts his favourite programs he watches onto his iPad and rows while viewing , we have both found our posture has also improved . Next week I will be back playing tennis, that is my favourite form of exercise so looking forward to it . Stay safe .

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