Celeriac mash

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During this lockdown, we have had to come to terms with giving up so many of the things we love doing, and found ourselves vegetating. We know many others in the same position,although both of us have continued working through the lockdowns, it became to easy to come home on an evening get the wine out and just eat and drink till bedtime, a lot of which was comfort food. 

John, my husband has really battled to try and keep his weight under control but each lockdown has proved harder. At the beginning of January he said his weight was really upsetting him and it was time to take control, it was at this point we researched rowing machines and bought ours, he also has stopped drinking wine at least through January. Please don’t ask if I have, the answer is no, my weight is not an issue but my fitness level was, I have however decided I would do all I could to change our diets to help John and also aid both of us to eat a better way . 

I have spent time reading nutrition and general health and food mags to try and work out what will work for both of us. I have sat and changed the food we get delivered, more fruit, fish, and green veg but keeping a Saturday for a treat day within reason. It was during this research period I looked at the freezer section in Waitrose and came across the frozen Celeriac. I love this veg but find it a pain to peel, now I have it peeled ready chopped and sat waiting in the freezer to use, I am delighted . 

Celeriac is high fibre, good source of vitamins B6,C, and K. It also contains important minerals, low in fat and calories and is so useful. I use it in soups , stews and I mix it with potatoes in a mash or as a purée to sit under fish, I have mixed it with lentils before to give more flavour to a dish. My daughter makes an amazing Celeriac and apple soup which is beautiful and has hardly any calories in it yet it feels like winter comfort food. I simply wanted to share this find with you as I now will be able to use this on a more regular basis. 

John is already feeling happier now he is exercising every other day, he feels he has more energy and he said he finds the water rower really relaxing, I love it too, I turn my sessions into a candle lit rowing session with favourite music playing in the background and the splash of the paddles hitting the water. Fingers crossed John will have lost a few pounds in a couple of weeks, stay safe xx

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