A Different Type of Toolkit!


A week ago I got called to have my COVID-19 jab and I was delighted . I have not been worried about the jabs , as I know that they have been very well tested, but I was aware there are some side effects which seem to trouble some people and yet others get none. I think my only concern was my Asthma, which is well managed till something annoyed it.

I received the Astra Zeneca injection, a very professional speedy procedure and a very nice lady did warn me I may feel slightly flu like symptoms for a day or two, she felt that my asthma would be fine though. 2.5 hours after my injection the side effects did hit me, very strong flu symptoms, I went home to bed .That night I had cold shivers and then a burning fever, aches, painful legs and a very bad head , next morning I still felt dreadful . I decided to call the Doctor simply because by now my Asthma was starting up and I was wheezing, Doctor gave me steroids which is what I expected to settle things down and said he felt sure I would be fine in a day or two .That night I knew it would be a long night and it is the time that things always seem worse , I gathered what I call my keep calm toolkit . It consists of both my inhalers , paracetamol, infra-red thermometer and a little oximeter. These items really help me to stay calm as often I may feel I am not getting enough air yet when I use the oximeter it tells me I am getting 96% oxygen and my normal is about 97% so really not a lot to worry about , it also tells me pulse rate . If my pulse is racing I ask my self am I panicking or is it an infection, usually I am panicking, but because I have this knowledge I then start to control myself and settle knowing I am not as bad as I may feel . The thermometer is so useful , when you feel you are burning up yet really you are just a little warm and need your paracetamol. I thought I should share my toolkit as this really helps me to feel safe and confident that don’t need to call anyone , it also lets you know when you should be talking to a Doctor, if your oxygen levels are low nineties you should be ringing someone.

I am glad to report, I am fine now and feel very grateful to have had my first dose of the vaccine , I will be ready just in case I get side effects with the second dose and simply look forward to a more normal life .

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