A Weekend Of Reflection


Hearing about Prince Philip made me sad, I felt so sad for the Queen, all those years together working as a team as well as being married to each other. Looking at photographs of them both so much love between them.

When most of us lose someone we love, we get the chance to withdraw and mourn privately, to take our time to find our way again. The Queen will have the world watching her on Saturday when her husband is laid to rest, then she will be expected very quickly to be making appearances again, we all know her family round her will support her and she will do her duty because she is our Queen. 

This weekend made me reflect on so many things, I don’t get enough time with my husband, we are very different and yet we love each other’s company, we have long debates over all sorts of things, we both love travel, food , wine, art, we still have disagreements but that I feel is normal and we quickly move on from them.

Always the musician, my love 

I sat thinking what my life would be like without him and it made me cry, the void would be impossible for me. I know how much I love him and need him, my reflections of our life together and the things we have seen and done, made me aware from now on I will appreciate our time even more than I do normally and I will make sure we try and spend more of our time together.

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