New Beginnings


I have not wrote or been able to write for weeks now, life has simply been too turbulent. I have found my mind gripped in a vice of worries unable to sit and but my thoughts down, not all the things in the last month have been bad. I have decided to write in short blogs the events that have occurred over the month otherwise I would be writing an epic which would need chapters.

I will start with a fun Christmas, we had a lovely family day my daughter and family joined us for Christmas Day, we had a really wonderful time swapping presents and a great traditional lunch, I would say it was one of our best days, a lot of happiness and a lot of love.
Two days later I was heading to the north of England to visit my family, I had not been home for two years and I was so excited, on the journey home we called to see my niece she was due to have her baby ten days before, she greeted me with well Aunty Sue I can have the baby now you are home, it made me feel very special.
Next stop was my in laws who we were spending our first night with, they also had a wonderful welcome for us, they had arranged a fantastic meal for the evening with my husbands brother and future sister in law. Next morning I received a text to say my niece was in labour and by lunchtime I had become a Great Aunt to her son Ethan.
The next two nights I would be staying with my brother who I love sooooo much and also miss so much, We had a lovely meal with them that night just enjoying being together, one thing now over shadowed the happy times was the fact we had just received the date for my granddaughter Paige’s surgery, which was going to be major and was happening mid January. The following day I had put on Facebook that I would be in a local pub at lunchtime if anyone wanted to meet up for a quick get together, we went thinking there would only be four of us there,I could not have been more wrong.That afternoon my cousins and partners, my Aunt and Uncle all turned up to see me, I have not seen most of them for over fifteen years, we had quite a party going on, it was wonderful and made me realise what a special family I have.
Sunday we had to drive home, but first I had to visit my niece and get my first cuddle of baby Ethan, I just wished my sister could have lived to have met her grandson she would have been so happy.
Then sadly we had to point the car south although we took the scenic route through the Yorkshire dales that I love so much, so many happy moments
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