Caution When Buying From Play.Com


I am afraid I have to get this off my chest Play.Com are driving me nuts with frustration, on September16th we received our new playstation3 which is John’s Christmas and birthday present, we ordered it now to avoid the vat increase. The deal was a bundle so we got the console and a move starter pack, which the kids would love, we received the console but no starter pack which is £48 to buy, I phoned the number on the invoice, I was then speaking to a nice lady who could not understand me and I her, she is in a call center in the Philippines. We have bought loads of things over the last 10years from Play and never had a problem, but they have only been small things, I have had to contact them in the past but it was easy, a simple call to Jersey, to an English speaking person and the problem was sorted, but that is in the past they have now got bigger and outsourced their call center. I am now on my sixth telephone call which only results the same way each time with a lady saying the are looking into it and they will e-mail me, well 12 days down the line I have not had one e-mail from them, this has got to be the worst customer service ever, so from now on I will not be buying anything from, and I would say to anyone think carefully before dealing with them.

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