Cyclists Beware!!


This really upset me this week and it also shows how bad some people really are. Joanne was taking the children into town on Sunday morning for a little treat, she set off to walk down the river path that leads into town this path is a shared path with a cycle lane at the town end there are signs up saying that pedestrians have right of way over the path. The children who by now had ran off just a little way ahead and enjoying themselves but they were still on their half of the pathway, speeding along came a man on a bike little Owen who suffers fro Autism was by this time on the white line of the path but not over it, this man headed straight for him and knocked him over hitting his head on the ground as he fell, Joanne could not believe what she was seeing, she could see their was loads of room for the cyclist to pass, he also yelled at Owen several words I will not print. Joanne could not get to the man quick enough otherwise I believe he would have been of his bike and on the floor himself.

During the summer I saw nearly the same thing happen to an old lady, the cyclist knocked her shopping bags and she fell to the ground he sped away and I went and helped the lady, poor Owen is now very frighted to walk along the path and Imogen was so upset she was in tears asking how anyone good do that to a little boy.

So I have now decided everytime I walk that path and any cyclist rings a bell at me or bothers me in anyway I am physically going to stop them and let them know bicycles do not have right of way just as on the road you most always give way to the pedestrian but in general most people who use that path way are very nice and do watch out for people with children and the elderly.

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