Doubletree Castle, Orlando


We stayed on International drive in Orlando, our first drive in the states along International Drive was quite scary, huge roads, traffic everywhere and we were looking for our hotel also it was getting dark, panic had set in but the fact I had booked us into a huge pink castle for our first 2 nights in Florida helped, it was not long before I spotted it and then we just had to work out how we turned off and actually got to the hotel.

We did get there without too much shouting at each other, our senses where tingling we had never been anywhere like this before, to me it looked like Las Vegas. The drive is a long road lined with huge hotels, restaurants and shops, all with flashing neon lights and all to excess.

Our Pink Castle was also to excess but I think that is why you come to International Drive it is to feel that excess. The rooms in our Castle were huge with mirrors like that of Sleeping beauty and all round the hotel they played a fantasy type music, even had a dragon breathing steam and lots of fairy lights everywhere, tacky! Yes but would I have missed it NO! It is something that is so different to the norm that you soon get into the fantasy mode.

Every restaurant with every theme and every food you could ever want is along this drive, but I will always remember Tony Roma’s World Famous Baby Back Ribs, oh to die for. Shopping is another adventure there malls are out of this world, but you do have to remember that on top of the price there is the sales tax and in every county the tax is different, so this can mean that in some places it is quite heavy on the tax.

I loved it and would go back tomorrow but I would only stay 2 nights, as this is only one element of Florida’s many flavours.

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