Fight For Our Forests!


Well it seems which ever government gets into power they seem to find ways to astound me, but this one is really on a role! I believe it has a plan to bring back servitude, and the class divide because the poorer are getting poorer the rich seem to be mildly disturbed by the increases which are crippling to the rest of us, but now to sell of our Forests, well it’s a step to far.This is history trying to repeat itself during 1750 to 1860 the governments of that time used the enclosure acts to diminish 17 million acres of common land. George Orwell wrote “stop to consider how the so called owners of the land got hold of it. They simply seized it by force, afterwards hiring lawyers to provide them with title deeds.”  The forests are our National heritage as a so called free nation we have the right to walk those common grounds, please sign the petition to fight this awful infringement of our rights.



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