We Must Fight For Herbal Remedies


A very good friend of mine brought this to my attention, she and I agree on a lot of things, along with the use of herbal remedies, we are supposed to be a free country, yet I feel we are having all our rights eroded, I believe in a lot of the old herbal remedies, we should have the right to make informed choice, not to be put under this Nannie state which is becoming more like a dictatorship. The lady who I have got this piece of information from is Emma the sister of my friend.

The new regulations will directly affect ‘over the counter’ Herbal Remedies and our ability to purchase them for medicinal purposes. She informed me that trained medical herbalists ‘should’ still be able to prescribe herbal tinctures to patients with a prescription but will not be able to ‘make-up’ herbal teas over the counter as they do on a regular basis in many herbal shops such as Neals Yard. She said we ‘should’ be able to continue buying single herbs to make our own teas but it could be that without having a consultation with a medical herbalist that we will no longer be able to get advice on which herbs to use for ailments. There is also a chance that the herbs would simply become unavailable overnight.

The government are attempting to prove the use of herbs in a medicinal way, by anylising the herbs and then setting strict regulations on potency and quantity – Herbalists are banding together to campaign against this legislation as Herbs cannot be tested in the same way as conventional pharmaceutical drugs as they are different and work in a different way.

It is essential that anyone who has an interest in Herbal Medicine, or even just that you believe that we should be able to chose to be able to use Herbs IF WE WANT TO then please use the links that I have provided and write to your MP’s and spread the word NOW. With the government reform to Conservative, the campaign has pretty much had to start again which is why it is incredibly important to do as much as you can, even if you can only forward this email to everyone on your list, do that if nothing else.

The lady I spoke to said that this needs to be done RIGHT NOW because the clock is ticking and Medical Herbalists and Patients should have the freedom to prescribe and use herbs for healthcare.
Please forward this to as many people as you know and ask them to do the same, you may not personally believe in the use of Herbs but many people do. I am allergic to conventional medicines and find relief in using Herbs – how is it right to remove the option of using plants to heal when they benefit so many people and animals every single day.

If you would like to speak to Neals Yard yourself use the contact us tab on their website and ask to speak to a lady called Julie, she was very thankful for the interest I showed and has asked that we do as much as we can to help.

Use the links below to research the info and regulations and also contact your MP’s using the letter template provided, it is very important and I know that many of you feel as passionate about this as I do. If this law gets passed in the EU it WILL then go in the backdoor to the USA after being thrown out in the USA previously.

While I am here, you will be pleased to learn that Homeopathy has WON its campaign to keep homeopathic practice available on the NHS, this happened just a few weeks ago and is a huge victory in the field of complimentary medicines. Use your hearts and souls and focus on the same outcome for Herbalism!

They cannot take our plants.




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