Goverment against parents


Now the government are trying to ban children being taken out of school for holidays with there parents due to the high level of truancy. The first thing that strikes me is that the children who are truants are not the ones being taken on holiday by parents,but they are the kids in class who are being disruptive, abusive and down right rude. The children who attend school are being punished for the children who do not have respect for there parents or who have parents that lack all parenting skills and let there children do what they want.

The most annoying thing to me is that generally this is again a class thing because all the children in private schools get longer Easter and Summer vacations so their rich parents, which allows then to take advantageĀ of the keeper deals, while the everyday state educated child is locked into set holiday dates which the travel agents then abuse. Surely it is time to look at different systems, headĀ  teachers know the good families and should be allowed to grant the extra holidays if they feel it has been earned. A family I know home educate and they can take there children whenever they want as long as they prove that the children have completed the hours required by law, so maybe we will find more and more people looking to that system

The government must look more carefully, because it looks a lot like discrimination to me against all children in state schools, please bring back common sense.

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