Iphone’s, New cars, Valentine’s Day and Friends.


What a title! my husband has now given up with me and my mega titles, he looks after my website, he is the engine really. A long time since he told me not to have huge titles as they are not web friendly, well sorry but that is like calling a book Rose!!! the best books have the best titles!!!

The title relates to my life at the moment which is rather disjointed, living Monday to Friday on my own has made me understand just how different it is when you are on your own, I am lucky my husband comes home every Friday evening. I am old fashioned when he gets here I have ready a chilled glass of Jack Daniels for him, with a good meal to follow, he is made to feel special, he does not enjoy been away from home and I want it to stay that way.

All things seem to happen mid week when John is away, such as his new iPhone arrived, I inherited his, along came a new sim for me to put in this phone and suddenly I seem to be having to do things that he has always done for me, things which I found daunting, but after completing I felt stronger.

The new car has been the biggest issue in my days at the moment but today a very dear friend spent ages going over it, to tell me well done you have bought a nice sound car, I cannot tell you how relived I am. The price of garage repairs today are so high that I have been on tender hooks waiting for my friend to look over the car, so now I can relax a little.

Valentine’s day to me is very special as that is the day I got engaged to John, 20 years ago and it only seems like yesterday, I hate been apart from him, so on Tuesday evening he drove home to be with me even though he would have to be up at 5.30 the next morning, that meant more to me than diamonds, and the sweet flowers he brought me were lovely.

Friends are featuring strongly in my life at the moment, I have one I worry about all the time, I love her to bits, she lost the love of her life a couple of years ago and life is not easy for her, she is the sweetest person you could wish to meet and when I say she would help anyone that is true. My other friend who has been looking after me during this whole car buying thing, he is gem, if he can help he really will put himself out, totally unselfish, not something you come across often. I now have people from all over the world dropping little messages to me, which is wonderful, but I often think how different is my life to there’s I am thinking of my American friends living in that huge country, I am quite sure I must seem like a country bumpkin, I cannot imagine what they find interesting or is it that alone the fact we do live different lives. What I do know is I feel very lucky to know the people I do and I hope always to return there good deeds the same way.

Love to all my friends out where ever you are.xxxx

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