Is This Really Justice!


Reading the Telegraph on Saturday I came across a story that I had to read twice as I could not believe what I had just read.

A lady applied for an Administrators job in the NHS she was currently out of work but did very well at the interview, she was given the job over the other candidates. Nine months later her managers felt she was not doing as well as she should be and was under performing, so they re-looked at her CV which stated she had two A levels, they went into this further and it was discovered she did not have any A levels and had lied about that on her CV.

She was taken to court and given an eleven month jail sentence, the judge saying that it costs an awful lot of money to get staff and train them, also the fact that she had openly lied. Well I am afraid I do not agree with this judge, he has by his actions destroyed her future, she may never work again, so the tax payer will then be paying her benefits, let alone paying for her upkeep in jail, surely a caution would have been more than enough and also maybe some community work. I agree it is wrong to lie on a CV and mislead employers but at least she was trying to work, it seems if she had been a thug and beaten someone up she would probably been given a counselor and told she needed help, is there no common sense out there anymore.

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