Pentewan Sands


The first time I saw Pentewan Sands in Cornwall it was from the car window high up on the hill top leading to Mevagissy it could have been anywhere in the world that day, the wide stretch of silver white sand set in a classic half moon crescent gently sloped to meet a vivid blue ocean, what struck me most was the fact that I could not see any people on this wonderful stretch of beach, I knew I had to find out more.

Pentewan Sands is privately owned by a family run holiday company, they have Static Holiday homes and touring vans also tents on their site and as the day I saw Pentewan it was out of season and they were still closed, it was mid March.

I looked them up on the internet and decided I would give my grandchildren a little holiday and also fit in seeing the in-laws, the staff helped me choose a van that looked straight out to sea, it had 2 loos and 3 separate bedrooms. All was set for our first adventure away in a static holiday home by the sea.

As we arrived and drove through the gateway I must be honest I did get the feel of the old Hi di hi programme, it looks really quite old fashioned and very old seaside style, we checked in, I was handed a huge bag which had the sheets for the beds, now I do think it would be better if the beds were made up for you.

We got to our van, loads of space around the van for children to run and play, inside the van was amazing, it was a new van, it was very stylish lovely furniture and everything in excellent condition. The bathroom had a wonderful shower, and although the bedrooms are small it all worked really very well. The children loved the van; Kyle called it the café van.

The site is kept really tidy and very clean ,everything is well looked after, and the beach is really amazing, the sea is clean enough to swim in, the plus side is that being private it is never very crowded, they have told me even in August there is plenty of room. There are also some very nice children’s play areas.

We had the most wonderful time, we did the beach every morning and then into the outdoor pool in the afternoon. The pools are not vast but lovely and warm and clean, which kept our lot very happy.

On site there is a bar which serves meals and also a shop, all a bit old fashioned and a bit pricy, but just like living in my village really, it sort of adds to the charm.

Are we going back, oh yes, it is a great family holiday without too many people, but stunning scenery, and get the kids into bed on an evening and you sit with a glass of wine and watch the ocean gently roll in.

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