Do you want things to be perfect?


I have a major flaw within me that makes me quite nervous, that is the fact that I want everything to be perfect. By that I mean, I look forward to things such as trips away or special weekends so much that I truly believe I almost ruin them. I plan everything to the max! I try to foresee every eventuality  and even prepare counter plans.

I know this is something that has become more apparent since my husband started working away, he comes home every Friday, I spend the week planning really nice meals for his return. Sometimes he comes home very tired and often it takes him the Friday evening to become the person I love so much. I can only imagine the stress I must put upon him.

In my work I am the same, second best is simply not good enough and I expect other people to have the same ethos, sadly not everyone does. I think I drive my daughter nuts, with a continual list of instructions, in truth I know she is perfectly capable and does everything with great pride.

Family holidays arrive and I write-up itineraries for everyone , it has become something of a standing joke within the family, and yet many times I do wonder what would happen if I sat back and organized nothing.

The reason I am thinking about this situation is the fact I am going to Cardiff for a romantic weekend with my darling   Husband and already I have booked a restaurant, booked  Cardiff  Marriot Hotel for the overnight stay, now it would be perfect if I could book the romance but that is something that is out of my control and maybe that is a good thing, maybe it is time for me to try to relax! 

I want to wish you all a fabulous Valentine weekend with your loved ones and keep your fingers crossed I get my perfect weekend.



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