I read this week a survey which asked 2000 women what they would most like to change in 2010 the overall answer was saddening, there  response was that “men should become the main breadwinners again” what a state this country is in, if you go the school playgrounds at 3.30 you will see how many fathers are their collecting the children, five years ago fathers were in the minority. I do think in someways this is good for the fathers to share this time with the children but not at the cost of basic family stability in which many women are having to go out to work to keep paying the mortgage, they feel they are failing as mothers often having to leave sick children at home with ill equipped fathers, for many women they enjoy the role of mother and home builder is this not the core of family life. That is not to say there is also a place for the woman that wishes to have a career but I feel that should be down to choice and not pressure.

Recently in my own village I have been talking to men who have worked for 30years plus suddenly finding themselves without work and their wives having to go out to work to meet the bills, yet the government are telling us that recession is over, but what are we seeing, the highest fuel prices ever, food costs rising steadily, utility bills out of control and the unemployment figure cleverly manipulated to look as though they are not rising .to quickly. We have the city’s top adviser’s telling the government that they must cut spending yet they say they that they cannot as it would hit us too hard, yet they think nothing of waisting over £1 million on a recent government survey, well it is time to stop spending our money on stupid projects and start listing to the people, I almost feel it is time to invite the guys at Barclay’s to take seats in government, they at least have a proven track record of making money and also some very savvy stakeholders to answer too.

My greatest fear is that this is backward recession in which the gap between rich and poor get so wide we find ourselves in a situation when only rich kids get to University, only the rich own their homes and eventually the poor will be told how many children they can have we will then no longer be a free state, these are the thing we must all fight against.

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